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Product quiz – how to get to know your customers

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To be able to automatically offer your customers the right products in your online shop, you need information. A product quiz on your website is the easiest way to get this information from your customers. By asking clever questions, you can find out the wishes and needs of your target group. The insights increase the chance for more purchases and shopping baskets full to bursting.

Collecting data is also part of the basis of artificial intelligence

We humans are not the only ones who need information to make decisions. An AI also needs data – a lot of data. This enables it to learn and draw logical conclusions. Our “AI Product and Gift Finder” app, which was specially developed for online shops, supports you as a shop operator in the collection and automated evaluation of data from a product quiz.

But: this is not about classic market research and the creation of graphics. It is about gaining insights into your customers. And it’s about translating these insights into an optimal product presentation.

More about that later!

The questions – subtle, targeted and adapted to current situations

A product quiz is based on targeted questions to your customers. You should consider these questions carefully, as they have a direct influence on the quality of the insights collected.

Current situations or even seasonal circumstances should influence the context of the questions to make it easier for the customer to answer.

At Christmas time, don’t ask about summer holiday destinations. If you are selling toys, don’t ask about current life situations. Only ask questions that can be explicitly and implicitly traced back to your product range. Anything else could lead to mistrust, frustration, or rejection.

The motivation – the customer must not feel questioned

There is a fine line between questioning and asking. Your client must never get the feeling that he or she is being interrogated by you. Therefore, the number of questions should not exceed a magic limit of 5. Everyone’s attention span is limited anyway. After 2-3 minutes, interest wanes noticeably and one become impatient. This period becomes shorter and shorter the more your customers feel that they are wasting time here. At the end of the day, they want to buy something from you.

The reward – the customer should feel rewarded for the answers

If the intrinsic motivation is still there at the beginning – i.e., the motivation from within, without any claim to a reward – it will dwindle quite quickly. Therefore, it is important to signal from the beginning: “Hey, if you participate here, it will be worthy for you”. Thus, extrinsic motivation plays a crucial role, and this must be triggered from the beginning. You can stimulate this by pointing out clear benefits from answering the questions.

  • Participation in a prize draw
  • Receiving voucher codes
  • Presentation of customized products and thus saving time

The evaluation – this is how you work with the responses received

Make sure that all responses converge promptly and, in the best case, intelligently in an optimization process. This can be mailing campaigns, remarketing measures, automated updating of the product portfolio or the generation of optimized advertising messages.

Make or buy? – The AI Product and Gift Finder

With our AI Product and Gift Finder, we provide you with a powerful tool with which you can collect and automatically evaluate data. In addition, the app, integrated into your online shop, ensures automatic adjustment of the product recommendation.

The bottom line – this is your added value of a product quiz in combination with artificial intelligence

The better you understand your customer, the better you can respond to their needs and the more likely they are to buy.

These are the 3 success factors for more sales and customer satisfaction:

  • Collect data via a product quiz
  • Adapting the questions to seasonal conditions
  • Automated evaluation of the data via AI and creation of product recommendations

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