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Search & Question Answering
Search & Question Answering

We create powerful search engines and question answering systems that provide users with easy and intuitive access to information. By combining large language models with neural search technology, we build tailored solutions for any use case.

Generative AI
Generative AI

Generative AI has the potential to revolutionize the way companies operate. We have extensive experience in developing custom Generative AI solutions that can help businesses leverage this technology to stay ahead of the curve.

Image recognition
Image recognition

With our expertise in image recognition, we extract valuable insights from images and videos. These insights can be utilized to develop visual search engines or curate engaging visual content.

Generative AI based Solutions

At exdatis, we specialize in providing services and products based on Generative AI and search technology. Our expertise helps businesses leverage this cutting-edge technology to create new products, generate content, or automate tasks that were previously impossible. We work closely with our clients to understand their specific needs and develop custom solutions that can help them achieve their goals. The possibilities are endless, and we are committed to helping businesses unlock the full potential of this technology.

Chatbots and Search

Our technology can be used to power chatbots and search engines that provide accurate and relevant answers to user queries. By leveraging the powerful combination of large language models and neural search technology, we develop bespoke question answering systems and chatbots that can improve customer support, streamline internal company search, and enable businesses and institutions to efficiently manage and utilize their vast amounts of data.

Visual Search

Seek and you shall find - this no longer applies only to searching through text files. Artificial intelligence can now also read images and understand what a picture is about. With Visual Search, laypeople could find works of art using colloquial search terms, for example by searching for "man and woman with pitchfork". Or a customer in an online store could get a product recommendation based on its style by searching for "orange 70s lamp," for example. Users can also take pictures of things they like, upload them, and be shown matching items.
Images speak for themselves, making online catalogs easier to prepare and maintain. Users of visual search can express their needs in their own language and find what they are looking for in an intuitive and targeted way.

Content Generation

With our advanced generative AI capabilities, we can generate high-quality summaries of long documents or articles, making it easier for businesses to quickly understand and analyze large amounts of information. By inputting your own data into our large language models, we can produce personalized and captivating content, including sales emails, product descriptions, corporate communication. social media posts, and marketing materials.

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Deep Learning

True AI

We use state of the art deep learning technologies to create the best possible customer experience. Advances in artificial intelligence are rapid, so it is essential to be able to react quickly to new developments. This flexibility is part of the DNA of our products. Years of experience with the use of AI in production software enables us to develop robust and scalable systems based on this technology.

Made in Germany

Data Security

Your data is safe with us. We build GDPR compliant products, follow the data sparsity principle and run our cloud services on European servers.

Solving Problems

Listen. Understand. Build.

The first idea does not always lead to the best solution. We have developed a clear idea of how we approach problems and which characteristics make a solution sustainable, economical and successful. Listening carefully, understanding the problem behind the idea and working out solutions in close exchange with our customers is essential for us. To achieve this, we rely on long-term partnerships and transparent and honest relationships with our customers.

We are exdatis

exdatis is the creative team around the founders Mark Reinke and André Kischkel. We develop elegant and easy-to-use apps and services based on artificial intelligence. We apply our experience in search, text understanding and image recognition to solve our customer’s problems with holistic solutions.

Portrait Mark Reinke

Founder & Data Scientist

Mark Reinke

Mark Reinke is a passionate data scientist, who understands our customers as well as their data. He can explain complicated things in a way that makes them seem simple and approachable. As a studied musician with a passion for beautiful things, he gives exdatis apps an elegant touch. Mark holds a computer science degree from TU Dresden and a graduate data science certificate from Harvard University.

Portrait André Kischkel

Founder & Software Architect

André Kischkel

André Kischkel never ceases to amaze, he is someone who thinks around the corner and comes up with surprisingly simple solutions to seemingly difficult problems. He is a creative nerd who started programming on a C64 in ancient times. He holds a diploma in computer science and is a specialist for search technologies and juggling with data.

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