Product quiz – how to get to know your customers

6. December 2022 · Reading Time: 7 min

To be able to automatically offer your customers the right products in your online shop, you need information. A product quiz on your website is the easiest way to get this information from your customers. By asking clever questions, you can find out the wishes and needs of your target group. The insights increase the

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AI Product Finder – now available on Shopify

15. November 2022 · Reading Time: 3 min

Since October, the AI Product Finder by exdatis is available in the Shopify App Store. As a shop owner, you can easily integrate the intelligent product quiz into your shop.

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The “Art Browser” prototype: AI-supported access to art

17. October 2022 · Reading Time: 4 Min

The “Art Browser” prototype developed by exdatis and implemented together with the Staatliche Kunstsammlungen Dresden (SKD) can be described as the next evolutionary step in searching works of art.

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Catapult uses AI-based gift finder by exdatis

27. July 2022 · Reading Time: 1 min

In the trendy district of Dresden-Neustadt, the lifestyle shop Catapult offers unusual and creative product ideas. Since 2020, there is also an associated online shop, which provides a constantly growing assortment and has long since ceased to be an insider tip.

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The Food Finder at – a matter of the heart

27. July 2022 · Reading Time: 1m

The Natürlich Unverpackt online shop recently added a special kind of product advisor: the Natürlich Unverpackt – Food Finder makes it easy to browse through the range of vegan, vegetarian, regional and Italian products, depending on culinary preferences or personal diet.

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We welcome our partners

15. June 2022 · Reading Time: 1 min

We are very pleased to welcome five new exdatis partners: Kombinat, Maßarbyte, Moewe, Onlion and Youbility.

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