Gift Finder for online shops

The Christmas season is approaching and you want to present the right gift to your customers quickly and conveniently?

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We have the right solution for you: the Gift Finder. It analyses your inventory with the help of artificial intelligence and determines product recommendations for your customers. In this way your online shop customers quickly and intelligently receive suggestions for fitting gifts from your product range.

Why is the Gift Finder so useful for you as an online shop merchant?

Customers are flooded with offers, promotions and gift ideas. But for many, it is becoming increasingly difficult to find the right gift among all the temptations. An assistant in a stationary shop can ask about the needs of customers by asking questions like:

  • Who is the gift for?
  • How much should it cost?
  • Is there a particular topic that should be addressed?

In an online shop, customers aren’t able to get advice and must therefore look for a present by themselves. This tedious clicking, searching and comparing now has an end. Thanks to artificial intelligence, you can use our Gift Finder to advise your customers and recommend the perfect gift.

Xmas Gift Finder

Your advantages as an online shop merchant

  • You will have happier customers
  • The rate of returns will decrease
  • Your customers will come back

And all this without you having to take action yourself. Once set up and configured, the Gift Finder runs by itself. The stability and performance of your online shop is not affected by the Gift Finder app.

Weihnachtsgeschenkefinder | XMAS Geschenke | Kaufberater | exdatis
Catapult, Hendrik Dietrich | Rezension zum Weihnachtsgeschenkefinder | XMAS Geschenke | Kaufberater | exdatis Hendrik M. Dietrich
Managing Director Catapult GmbH

The exdatis Gift Finder is just great. It helps my customers find a gift for any occasion. Easy to use and definitely a highlight in our Shopify shop!

The Gift Finder is available for these shop systems

The configuration is very simple and takes very little time. You can customise the Gift Finder App to suit the design of your shop. The Shopify Product and Gift Finder can be installed directly from the Shopify App Store.

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