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Product Finder – Your AI Shopping Assistant

A playful way to more sales, customer loyalty and customer satisfaction

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Gift Finder for online shops

The Christmas season is approaching and you want to present the right gift to your customers quickly and conveniently?

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Customer guidance and product discovery for online shops

Playfully increase sales, customer loyalty and customer satisfaction

Bringing the in-store eperience to online shops – We make your product range easily and intuitively accessible. With us less is more. We use machine learning to present customers with focused and relevant information and not overwhelm them. Our fluid and visual navigation concepts make browsing the online shop an experience and invite you to think outside the box. As a result, visitors have more fun, look around more and spend more time in the shop.

Increase conversion

Our products increase customer satisfaction and purchase probability by making it easier for the customer to find the right product.

Reduce return rates

Lower response rates by understanding customer needs, providing intelligent buying advice and recommending products that fit.

Save time and money

Use AI to categorize, maintain and normalize product data. Help merchants concentrate on the relevant things by automating the tedious tasks.

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