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Customer segmentation with AI for biotech company

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Case study

Automatic shipment completion at Fr. Meyer’s Sohn

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Data Science and AI projects out of one hand

We implement your data science and AI projects end-to-end, delivering everything from conception to go-live out of one hand: consulting, project management, back-end and front-end development, cloud deployment.

Our expertise lies in the application of generative AI, machine learning and search technologies to any kind of data. With us, you can uncover hidden insights in your data, automate processes and successfully position yourself for a data-driven future.

Our solutions can be seamlessly integrated into existing process landscapes. If you wish, we can host services in our cloud or help you set up a private cloud.

Unlocking the Potential of Generative AI and GPT models

We consult Businesses

At exdatis, we understand that implementing Generative AI and large language models auch as ChatGPT can seem daunting to many businesses. That’s why we offer consultation services to help companies understand how they can use and integrate these technologies into their operations. Our team of experts will work with clients to identify areas where these technologies can be applied and develop a roadmap for their integration. Our consulting services allow companies to unlock the full potential of these cutting-edge technologies while minimizing the risks associated such as hallucinations or privacy concerns.

Research in Texts

Understanding the contents of technical texts such as patents, legal texts, tenders or scientific publications requires a lot of time and know-how. AI can take over this task and make the content of complex documents accessible for your business processes. Automatic summarisation enables documents to be captured quickly, topics and trends can be identified.

Automated Order Entry

We can help you automate the order processing process from beginning to end, starting with your inbox. Emails are classified, relevant information extracted and orders created automatically. Order dates are predicted using correlations in existing data.

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Customer Segmentation and Lead Generation

We use artificial intelligence to analyse web content, online databases and social media to find leads that match your business area, services and products. This way you acquire high quality leads and increase the likelihood of them becoming real customers.

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Tagging and Cataloging

Generative AI is capable of automatically tagging everything from text and images to music. Keywording is the cornerstone of structuring data and making it searchable. Use AI to simplify and accelerate the cataloging of your digital collection.

Visual Search

Seek and you shall find – this no longer only applies to searching through text. Artificial intelligence can now also read images and understand what they are about. Images speak for themselves, making online catalogs easier to prepare and maintain. Users of visual search can express their needs visually and find what they are looking for in an intuitive and targeted way.

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Customer Service and Support

By utilizing documentation, FAQs, support emails, and product databases as input, our technology can analyze and extract key insights that enable the creation of a more efficient and effective customer support experience. Analyzing customer feedback can also help identify common pain points and areas for improvement, enabling businesses to address these issues proactively and enhance the overall customer experience.

Communications Officer at Lipotype

If you are not a data scientist yourself, it is difficult to express complex problems in marketing and sales in “data science” language. Unless you work with exdatis – then the right questions are asked. In the end, I knew my problem better than I did at the beginning, and it was solved!

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