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A playful way to more sales, customer loyalty and customer satisfaction

Kaufberater Online - AI Shooping Assistant

Thanks to the intelligent shopping assistant your customers can find the right products from your online shop effortlessly and intuitively. Artificial intelligence takes over the job of a customer advisor. You will feel the effect immediately! You sell more, your customers are more satisfied and likely to come back to your store.

Increase sales

Increase Sales – Intelligent queries lead to faster purchases

By making it simple and playful for your customers to express their wishes you will make them happy and increase the chance of a purchase. Your customers easily find what they’re looking for and are not overwhelmed by too much information or tedious click paths.

Customer loyalty

Customer loyalty – A quick sense of achievement makes your customers happy

Product Finder fulfils your customers’ expectations of good and competent advice! Your customers are recommended fitting products from your shop. Just like in stationary trade.

Customer Insights

Customer Insights – Receive detailed information about your buyers

The answers your customers give to the Product Finder’s questions provide you with valuable information about buying behaviour and purchase intentions. Now you can tailor your product range and your marketing measures even better to your customers’ preferences.


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What your customers get from Product Finder

Inspiration – matching products for everyone

Selling the right product to a customer who is still undecided is the art of every salesperson in stationary retail. From now on, AI will do this for you online. It evaluates the user’s input, correlates it with other users and recommends the right products to a potential buyer – thanks to machine learning.

Customer satisfaction – positive experiences for a good feeling 

The display of precisely fitting products increases the chances of customers buying them. The user finds the right product easily and without complicated search queries or time-consuming filtering. This positive feeling of success will lead to your customer happily coming back and telling other users about their experience.

Better product selection – data-driven and intelligent optimisation of your assortment

The evaluation of the Product Finder data enables you to tailor your product range even better to the wishes of your customers. The information collected via the quiz (“Quiz Analytics”) tell you which products are en vogue, which could be in greater demand and which goods tend to be “slow sellers”. This also makes it easy to identify so-called “hidden champions”, i.e. products that could become a real highlight.

Shop app based on true artificial intelligence

The Product Finder uses machine learning for the best possible “match” between user and product assortment. The Product Finder gives you a competitive advantage over other online shops with its mix of configurable quizzes and personalised recommendations.

Product Quiz

In the blink of an eye, a quiz can be put together from any questions and answers, to perfectly suit your shop. The sequence of questions can be linked to conditions.

Featured Products

The customer is shown suitable products based on the given answers. These
are optimised by a self-learning algorithm based on user behaviour.

Product Recommendations

Further products and variants are recommended by our AI. State-of-the-art machine learning methods are used to analyse product descriptions, categories and images from the shop to provide the best possible recommendations.

Catapult, Hendrik Dietrich | Rezension zum Weihnachtsgeschenkefinder | XMAS Geschenke | Kaufberater | exdatis Hendrik M. Dietrich
Managing Director Catapult GmbH

The exdatis Product Finder is just great. It helps my customers find a gift for any occasion. Easy to use and definitely a highlight in our Shopify shop!

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Configuration is very easy and takes very little time. You can adapt the gift finder app individually to the design of your shop.

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