15. November 2022 · Reading Time: 3 min · By Jan Pötzscher

AI Product Finder – now available on Shopify

Since October, the AI Product Finder by exdatis is available in the Shopify App Store. As a shop owner, you can easily integrate the intelligent product quiz into your shop.

Shopify – the popular e-commerce platform

Shopify was founded in Canada in 2006 and is a software platform for online shops. It is ideally suited for building and operating small and medium-sized online shops. All required elements of an online shop can be used “out of the box” via Shopify. The app store also offers a variety of extension options to further customize the online shop. Above all, SEO, newsletter and social media apps.

But it gets really exciting with the apps that help to strengthen conversion, sales and customer loyalty. And this is where AI Product Finder comes into play.

AI Product Finder as a Shopify app

We now offer our innovative and intelligent purchase advisor as a Shopify app. The app is compatible with all modern themes. Thanks to its modular design, the app can be individually configured and customized. For example, it can become a gift finder for use in the Christmas business. The product quiz forms the basis for intelligent product recommendations, at the same time generating a lot of information about your customers.

In addition to targeted recommendations, suitable products are also offered to customers who simply want to browse. Machine learning helps optimize customer understanding.

More sales and higher customer satisfaction are the result

While you as a shop owner integrate the Shopify app with little effort, you will have sustainable success when using it. Benefit from a noticeable increase in conversions and higher satisfaction of your customers. Because shoppers now find exactly what they are looking for, the “feel-good factor” when visiting your online shop is strengthened. This has a positive effect on customer loyalty.

Your advantages when using the AI Product Finder

You benefit several times over from this simple but ingenious solution to increase purchases and customer satisfaction:

  • Increase in sales through suitable product recommendations
  • Increased customer satisfaction through fast shopping success
  • Gaining knowledge about your customers

Individualization with intelligent product quiz

With our app, you have the possibility to ask your customers questions about their wishes. The answers to these questions determine the products subsequently selected by the artificial intelligence, which are then suggested to your customers. But the quiz also has another function. You gain valuable insights into your customers and can thus tailor your product range even better to customer needs.

Depending on the time of year, the season or the theme, the questions can be individualised. For example, use the pre-Christmas season to ask for special gift wishes or for information about the person receiving the gift. We have already used the Product Finder in some shops as a gift finder. Let us inspire you.

Test now free of charge

You take no risk when using AI Product Finder, because you can test the app for 90 days free of charge: GDPR-compliant and performance-optimized.

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