27. July 2022 · Reading Time: 1m · By Mark Reinke

The Food Finder at natuerlich-unverpackt.ch – a matter of the heart

Der Food Finder von Natürlich Unverpackt

The Natürlich Unverpackt online shop recently added a special kind of shopping assistant: the Natürlich Unverpackt – Food Finder makes it easy to browse through the range of vegan, vegetarian, regional and Italian products, depending on culinary preferences or personal diet.

Anita and Fabio, the shop’s operators, are not only concerned about health and the consumption of high-quality food, but also about the environment, and they want to actively contribute to doing something good for our planet. That is why they sell their organic products according to the zero-waste principle. This means that the goods are sold in reusable containers both in their shop in Basel and online. In addition to local food and cooking oils, there are also care products and utensils for the home and kitchen.

Based on the exdatis Product Finder, the Natürlich Unverpackt – Food Finder could be brought into the online shop within a very short time. Artificial intelligence and the self-learning recommendation system ensure that customers are suggested delicious and healthy natural products that are entirely to their taste.

In addition to the entertaining and entertaining browsing of the Natürlich Unverpackt product range, the focus is on sales and customer loyalty. Because only then can Anita and Fabio continue to pursue their goal of making our planet a better place.

We are very pleased to be able to help them in this endeavour.

Website: https://www.natuerlich-unverpackt.ch/pages/food-finder

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